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"Who Else Wants To Learn The Shocking And  Amazing Secrets Hidden Deep Within The Human Brain?"

Do you look around the world in confusion?  Why is the human race making such strange decisions leading towards the destruction of our own planet? Why are lying, delusion and confusion the norm?

One maverick researcher, Tony Wright, (author of the book "Left In The Dark" which has now been revised and republished as "Return To The Brain Of Eden") has a radical new theory that has been making waves throughout the world of consciousness research.

He will be presenting this theory at a one-off exclusive seminar in Glasgow on the 28th of February. Tony is in demand to speak at events across the globe as his ideas start to catch light in the minds of those who like to challenge the limits of human consciousness.  

This is his first time speaking in Glasgow and is an extremely rare chance to see him present his theories on our doorstep.

Tony's work has been receiving praise from those looking for truth- and alarm from those who wish to protect the current paradigm!

 'This is a totally new way of looking at the evolution of the human brain. It is so totally fresh, unexpected and hitherto un-thought-of that it will probably take a long time before evolutionary anthropologists and psychologists begin to take it on board; but it will make an impact, of that there is no doubt. It will be, it must be, taken very seriously in any discussion of human origins.

Colin Groves - Professor of Biological Anthropology at the School of Archaeology & Anthropology, Australian National University and author of several books (A Theory Of Human And Primate Evolution and Bones, Stones and Molecules')

 "a fascinating challenge to all our preconceptions about our early ancestors....Although Tony Wright is not an academic, this thesis is a substantial work of scholarship.  Perhaps it takes someone from outside academia to come up with a breakthrough idea like this one"

Tony Edwards - BBC Science Producer (Horizon, QED, The World About Us)

 "At last-an innovative work of science which transcends scientific gobbledegook.  "Left in the Dark" is a persuasive, profound breakthrough in our understanding of the human mind from our earliest beginnings to the present day-and possibly beyond" 

John Machin- International writer, author and TV scriptwriter


 WARNING! Please Do Not Read Any Further Unless You Are Prepared To Have Your Mind BLOWN!

If you are not ready to take a step towards radical truth about the human experience, our evolution and what is really going wrong with the world then stop right now!

If you like your current view of reality and do not wish that to be disturbed, questioned or threatened in any way then please....go no further!

If you prefer to stay a country mile away from information that goes against the mainstream and you like the comfort of the herd mentality that pervades society then please..this is not for you!


Are you a seeker? In search of knowledge...truth...enlightenment? 

Are you prepared to risk having all your (mis)conceptions blown apart in order to move towards truth and a startling new view of reality?

Do you yearn to make more sense of your human experience?

Do you look around the puzzle of the world wondering why so many pieces don't seem to fit into place?

Do you struggle to make sense of it all...knowing deep down that there are some secrets out there that are being held back from you.

And knowing, deep down,  that this missing information is holding you back from being your true empowered self, living a more free life...

If these statements resonate with your core then this message is for you!

You will want to read every word of this message....this is your first step down the rabbit hole.  Take your time, put your feet up and have your favourite hot or cold beverage to hand while you drink in this message. Those not looking for enlightenment and truth leave this ride now!

Our Journey Begins Way Back In The Mists Of Time...Back To The Origins Of Man In The Non-Seasonal Tropical Forests Of Deepest Africa...

How can we understand ourselves if we do not know where we came from?

Can we look back far enough in our history and find a solution to our present day problems?

The first mystery is what caused the rapid growth in our human brain in such a relatively small period of time?

Conventional wisdom would have it that the human brain started to expand when we moved from the forests and left to live on the savannahs of Africa.  We learned to hunt and use tools and this change in environment led to the growth in our brains.

Tony Wright not only questions but destroys this theory and will let you know exactly why this is not the case.

So what caused the rapid expansion in the size of our brain?

Tony's theory involves something so simple and obvious yet most scientists have not even considered this as a viable option as to why our brain expanded so quickly.

So what does this theory involve?

The Amazing Effect Of Tropical Fruit 
On The Human Brain

We belong to the family of apes and our evolutionary past took place in the dense wet tropical jungles of Africa.  

Tony provides information and research to show that not only does the scientific evidence show us that our ancestors thrived on tropical fruits but this is also alluded to in our mythological and religious traditions all over the world (think "Garden of Eden")

He will show you why tropical fruit (which he describes as being the sex organs of plants) have such a powerful effect on our brain.

At the same time he will show you why a move away from feasting on tropical fruit for the majority of our diet has lead to what he believes is damage to our brain.

Damage that has led to our current path towards delusion and confusion within our society!

In particular, he states that one side of the brain has become more damaged than the other and has lost functionality.

Left In The Dark...
The Damage Done To The Left Side Of The Brain

It is, he believes, the left side of the brain that has become more damaged as a result of moving away from the diet that fed our brain's expansion during our evolution.
What potential skills could we have lost?
Are there any indications that there are hidden skills laying dormant within our brains that are being held back by the damage to the left hand side?
What implications does it have if the left side of the brain...despite being damaged...seems to control the rest of our brain and is the screen through which we view reality?
Tony will be discussing all of this within his presentation and showing you clear evidence within the scientific literature to back his theory.

Tony will also talk about his personal experiments:

What Do Raw Food And Sleep Deprivation Have To Do With Brain Research?

In an effort to try to experience what a truly functional human brain may have felt like, Tony has done his own personal experiments in sleep deprivation and eating a 100% raw food diet.

Though not recognised by Guinness due to health concerns, Tony holds the world record for the longest time a person has gone without sleep.

The reason behind doing this was an attempt to let the left side of the brain (the side that is most damaged) to "switch off".

This would allow the right hand side of the brain to take control and would allow him to experience more functional state.  He will talk about the fascinating experiences he has had with sleep deprivation at the seminar on the 28th of February.

Tony still sticks to a raw food diet and he was recognised as a "pioneer" at the Woodstock Fruit Festival- the premiere raw food event in the world.  

Tony has been a featured speaker at this event for the first 4 years and is due to go back again for the fifth year.

Tony is gaining more attention around the world and particularly in the US and this could be a one off chance to see him speak in such a small gathering. 

Hormones, Biochemistry, Steroids and Testosterone 

Another fascinating topic within Tony's research is the effect of fruit chemistry on our hormones.

Tony will be going deep into how the rich and incredibly complex biochemistry of fruit can affect our brain and our hormones.

The relationship with fruit was "symbiotic". Eating fruit helped to form our brain and affected how our DNA was read and expressed.

The implications of moving away from tropical fruit and the symbiotic relationship that it represented are startling and Tony will be speaking about this in depth.

Would You Like To Learn More And Dive Deep Into This Information?

Tony Wright will be presenting his ideas in a 4 hour seminar taking place on the 28th of February in Glasgow.

This is a very rare chance to see Tony speak in Scotland and the capacity of the event is set at a maximum of 30 people.  Demand is likely to be high so please book your seat early to avoid dissapointment.

The Seminar will involve  2 separate presentations.  

These presentations are accompanied by Tony's striking visual accompaniment providing images that help his ideas really come to life. 

Presentation 1:  
"An Investigation Into The Evolution Of The Human Brain" 

Tony will discuss our unique symbiotic relationship with specialised plant development environments (fruit) and the origins of our highly advanced neural system.

This presentation will include:
  • a look at the scientific material surrounding our origins and what is missing
  • a look at the mythological and spiritual traditions surrounding our human origins
  • a discussion on how many ancient traditions seem to document a change in the consciousness within our species, our relationship with ourselves and our world
  • evidence to show how completely different human consciousness once was before the "fall from grace"
  • our forest origins and our relationship with the complex ecology of the forest especially fruit
  • how that relationship with fruit influenced our brain and our development as a species
  • the implications behind leaving the environment in which our brain formed (the tropical forests) and the fuel (fruit) on which it achieved its size and complexity
  • a discussion on the two hemispheres of the human brain and how this leads to the conlclusion that we have "two selves"
  • evidence to show that the left hemisphere of the brain is a damaged and flawed version of the more functional right hemisphere
  • evidence to show the incredible capabilites latent with the brain especially the right hemisphere
  • Tony's theories on why this damage has happened to the brain, the scientific data behind this and how this relates to what the ancient traditions have documented in religious and spiritual texts
  • Practices to help access the dormant powers of the right hand side of the brain including Tony's sleep deprivation experiences
  • Amazing effects of the right brain become more functional during sleep deprivation such as Tony's stories of his normally weak left hand suddenly becoming more dextrous than the right hand and how this was studied by Manchester University
  • Tony's views on the environment that led to the development of our brain (the most complex neural system we know of) and why modern science ignores this subject
  • How modern science justifies the damage to the left hand side of the brain and why in Tony's view, this is not correct
  • How modern science misses the obvious factor that led to the rapid expansion of the brain-the hormonally rich cocktail of biochemistry found in fruit
  • A discussion on how fruit is full of chemicals that effect the brain in an almost drug like way (including monoamine oxidase inhibitors that help the Pineal gland to produce DMT)
  • Speech and singing: Is speech a dumbed down version of singing caused by the damage to the brain?
  • How damage to the left side of the brain can lead to phenomenal abilities such as those seen in autistic savants
  • How fear is a symptom of neurological dysfunction and why this leads to our world being controlled by those who are the most afraid (and therefore the most dysfunctional) people
  •  The effect of the biochemistry of fruit on the female oestrus cycle and how this may have been different at one time
  •  The effect of fruit on the inhibition of testosterone and how a move away from fruit may have led to more violence and aggression in society
  • The impact of the imbalance in our brain and how viewing the world through a damaged yet controlling left hemisphere effects our society
  • how the left hemisphere dominant society has led towards fear and restriction of practices and techniques that stimulate right hemisphere activation: drugs, sex, music and pleasure of all kind

 Presentation 2:
"A Journey To The Edge Of The Human Mind"
 Exposing the delusion we inevitably mistake for reality.

This second presentation includes the following topics:

  • is our advanced civilisation really working? Are people really happy?
  • What has gone wrong with our civilisation and society, when did the problem start?
  • Why must people use drugs, plant medicines, sexual and spiritual practices to try to access higher awareness and consciousness?
  • Why is self-deception seen as a "specialised ability" in the scientific research rather than a possible sign of brain damage?
  • "Confabulation"- the ability of the left hemisphere to lie to itself and make up stories-why is this seen as a specialised ability in the orthodox scientific literature?
  • Delusion- why are we so unable to perceive reality?
  • Anosognosia-the inability to acknowledge how ill you are and why this is a trait of the left hemishpere
  • A look at modern research starting with the work of Dr Michael Gazaniga's idea that the left hemisphere is in charge perceptually. Tony will give his opinion on why he believes the context used and some of his conclusions are wrong.
  • The work of Dr Bruce Miller on the left hemisphere and his idea of it being the "bully part of the brain"
  • A look at Darold Trefert's work on "savants" and his conclusion that the amazing abilities that are released in some people occur when the "tyranny" of the left side of the brain is loosened.
  • A discussion on Professor Alan Snyder's work on "switching off" the left side of the brain
  • The work of Dr Michael Persinger in trying to create spiritual experiences in people by stimulating the right hemisphere of the brain
  • Further discussion on the work of other researchers such as Dr Iain Gilchrist, Dr Robert Sapolsky, Dr V.S Ramachandran, Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, Professor Simon Baron Cohen, Dr Michael Gershon, Dr Katharine Milton- Tony will talk about his correspondence with these researchers
  • Tony will describe the major pieces that these famous researchers are missing: the original structure of the brain and the environment in which it was built
  • So if the theory is right, how can we fix our damaged neural system?
  • How experiences with simple molecules cause a huge shift of perception and what this could imply
  • A summary and further information on the symbiotic relationship with fruit and the non seasonal tropical forests in which our brain developed


Sounds Great! Where Does This Seminar Take Place??

The seminar takes place on the 28th of February and will start at 1pm and end at 5pm. 

It will take place at the South West Community Cycles building (2092 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G43 1AT) which is situated at the Pollokshaws West railway station (1 stop from Central Station in Glasgow).

The train takes 9 mins and there is a train departing Central Station every 20 mins.

Click here for a map to the location  

I'M IN! How Do I Book My Seat!?

This is a very rare chance to see Tony speak in Glasgow.  He is in demand to speak at events around the world and people have spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds to travel
to see him speak in the past.

This is your chance to see one of the world's most revolutionary thinkers up close and personal and get your chance to ask questions of his work.

Imagine getting the chance to sit with Darwin, Newton or Einstein before their ideas shaped the world in which we live.  

Tony's work is potentially just as impactful and already gathering momentum around the world.

Your seat is waiting for you. Each seat is priced at £35.  If you wish to bring a friend or partner you can get 2 tickets for £60.

This reserves your seat in front of Tony for the entire seminar including both presentations mentioned above.

When you make your purchase you will be sent a message to confirm that your name is on the list to attend the event.


Our Guarantee

Your ticket purchase comes with a 100% iron clad money back guarantee.

We are so sure you will find this event to be of great value that if you are not completely satisfied by the first break you can leave and have all of your money back with no questions asked. 

So why not sign up right now?  This is a unique event that does not come along often and may not happen again in such a small and personal environment.

The event is forecasted to sell out so please make a decision soon and purchase your ticket right away.

You can reserve your seat right now by using the Paypal button below.  If you would prefer to speak to me, the organiser, personally then please feel free to phone me to arrange an alternative method of payment:

My number is 07936 875 064 (Ronnie Smith)

I look forward to seeing you at the event.  I promise you will not be dissapointed. Don't miss out...reserve your seat now before it is taken!

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